November 16th, 2012

Weekend Event has started....

Weekend Event Friday November 16th thru Sunday the 19th: Ads with FURS yes, notify PETA now to toss red paint on us. Red paint ads will also be acceptable! But vintage ads with FURS. Yes, you can have fun with that, but please put them behind a cut if warranted ;) [Surgeon Moderator's Warning: We here at vintage ads do not condone the harming of animals in any way shape or form. I did once try on a $90,000 Russian sable coat in a Saks 5th Avenue in Cincinnati in the 80s though just to mess with a snooty clerk. But a vintage fur is one that is obviously vintage and no current critter has been harmed in it's making.]

Neiman Marcus furs (1979)

Rabbit fur coats were all the rage for girls in the late 70s. NGL, I dearly coveted and eventually got one. It was a patchwork coats and I loved it, but it wasn't the best quality and the fur tickled my nose and drove me crazy. 

Neiman Marcus Furs TM Dec 1979

I think Daughter looks a bit like Tina Yothers. The age would be about right. 
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