November 19th, 2012

Upcoming Events + 2 Queries!

One Day Event Thursday November 22nd: Thanksgiving here in the states, let's have FOOTBALL ads! Yes, i am sure the week prior to Thanksgiving we'll have lots of Thanksgiving ads posted!

Weekend Event Friday November 23rd thru Sunday the 25th COFFEE ADS and ZOMBIE MOVIE TRAILERS!!! In the States is something called 'black friday' which is not the awesome Steely Dan song, it's when people camp outside stores all night to rush in at 3am to get something on sale. Then by 2pm that day many are still on the road going from store to store. Truly, to me, this is as close to a zombie apocalypse as any we'll face. I no longer leave my house on that day unless it is a vet emergency. So COFFEE ADS AND ZOMBIE MOVIE TRAILERS!!!!

FINALLY!!! Starting November 26th thru December 3rd, our NOVEMBER contest!!! BATHROOMS!!! with all the other events, people who might be traveling with the long weekend in the states coming up, i figured this was probably the best time to have our november contest....

Weekend Event Friday November 30th thru Sunday December 2nd: Smoking Ads [Surgeon Moderator's Warning: We here at vintage ads cannot condone smoking as beneficial for your health. Tobacco has been shown to cause many illnesses and diseases. Even natural herbs when smoked might cause, oh wait, they don't cause illnesses and diseases. Well, smoking can be bad, mmmmkay? We're all adults though and this warning was done in jest. Jest, moi?!]

Weekend Event Friday December 9th thru Sunday December 12th: uh, i'm undecided....we are gonna do ads from a decade in december but i can't think of a decade off hand and also it's been suggested we do a weekend of ads focusing on a color....i think once we sort out what the contest is, that might help decide this weekend event....feel free to toss more ideas my way!!


Starting Monday December 13th our DECEMBER Contest, theme is----we don't know yet....we've done holiday ads before, that doesn't mean we can't do them again, but do we want to for a contest (we can always just have holiday ads posted to the community w/o a theme/contest, ya know) ? i can pull a few out of the hat that we can choose from....

odd named products
holiday ads

weigh in with what you'd like for your december contest theme, any other ideas for me to toss into the hat for contest themes (yes there are quite a few in there), weekend themes, etc.....

scanning question

a member has asked how to best be able to 'scan' large ads from a Life magazine....the magazine won't fit on their scanner, so they were thinking of photographing the ads....any ideas? tips? suggestions??? i know a few years ago we had a similar discussion, but uh, that was a couple years ago!!!