November 23rd, 2012

night of the living dead......

still can't see icons today....could see 2 people's icons yesterday now i can only see one! hmmmm.....

i never ever go out on black friday unless it's a vet emergency, i had a vet emergency.....miriamme blaylock was having breathing problems but fortunately she was diagnosed with asthma and a sinus infection.....much relieved....only saw one accident on the roads.....hope if y'all went out today you were safe and stayed safe!!!!

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National Stereotypes & Racism...brought you by Sanka

So I started digging through the LIFE archives looking for Sanka ads, and discovered several interesting series. First I'm bringing you the racist bunch. I think we've seen one of these before, the Mexican one, but there are five more of varying nationalities/races/degrees of offensiveness after the cut. Something for everyone to be offended by!

life Sep 29, 1941 sanka racism

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Sanka "Headline" Story Ads

A third set of Sanka ads. This is the largest and longest-running group of Sanka ads I found in LIFE, and I've picked a bunch of the very best headlines I came across. I wish I could find more information about this campaign, because those attention-grabbing headlines are such a classic advertising technique.

life Jan 23, 1939 sanka headline

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Sanka, Job Creators, Weigh in on the 2012 Election Season from 1945

This is a very interesting ad considering some of the themes of the 2012 election season. Sanka tells us that they are job creators, that most people want jobs to be created by job creators, that rules and regulations will just get in the way and will cause the jobs to be created to be those of relief projects. I found this ad particularly interesting in terms of its veiled warnings in retrospect, because we all know now what the postwar period looked like in terms of U.S. economic growth.

life Jul 9, 1945 sanka employment
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