December 17th, 2012

Reminders and Hall & Oates!!!!


i'll be posting finalists tomorrow in our puppehs contest, so if you have not voted on any entries you'd like to see go to the finals, please go thru, look for subjects that say 'contest' and if you'd like to see it go to the finals, please vote YES in the comments!!

i'll be posting more thursday, but yes, friday is out end of the world day....pretty much however YOU define your end of the if you have ads that are for preparing for disasters, great! ads for a dream vacation because you'd like to have the world end while you're in a tropical paradise, great!!

and then saturday thru monday, our weekend event is for things we never got that we wished we had!!! i'll post more on friday!!!

Hall & Oates!!

have y'all seen this?? thank you to those of you who sent me this!! Maneater comes true, oates bites hall (no, it wasn't really them!!)....

let's be festive!!! :)

ETA: Reminder---there are NO rules when it comes to Hall & Oates in the community!!! If you just want to post a Hall & Oates video with no ad---just a song, you CAN!! If you had wanted to just post a link to that news article, with no ad, you could have!!! NO RULES with hall & oates!!! :)