January 1st, 2013

January Event Calendar

This upcoming weekend, Friday Jan. 4 thru Sunday the 6th: 1940s! Ads from the 1940s, obviously!

January Contest Starting Jan. 7: SELF-IMPROVEMENT ADS!!!! any ad that promotes a new 'you', improving yourself, etc....so yes, even those educational ads are okay and even vitamins.....

Weekend Event Friday Jan. 11 thru Sunday Jan. 13: Blue, ads with the color blue prominent!

AD OF THE YEAR CONTEST Starting Jan. 14: All the past year's monthly winners will go head to head with one being declared AD OF THE YEAR!!! (uh side note....what should we do for prizes? ideas? suggestions? can we keep it economical too? )

Icon Day Jan. 15, every 15th of the month you can post a post WITHOUT an ad if you are posting icons made from vintage ads! all icons must be from vintage ads--that is the only requirement!

Weekend Event Friday Jan. 18 thru Sunday Jan. 20: Suicidal Food, you know those ads that show like the pig taking a knife to himself? the animals happily jumping into the meat grinder? the carrots sitting at a table promoting that people more of them? yeah, suicidal food like that....

One Day Event Jan. 21: Ads that reflect African Americans POSITIVELY....as we all know vintage ads have a history of portraying African Americans in a very bad way....they make us cringe when we see them, we're shocked that companies--many still in existence---would put out ads like that and that they were deemed acceptable at the time....it is appalling to say the least....so let's have a day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, to post ads that show African Americans in a positive light by companies!

Weekend Event Friday Jan. 25 thru Sunday Jan. 27: Dots, yep a pattern....ads that contain dots....let's get dotty!!!

and two themes for two months to denote for future reference:

February Contest Theme: CHOCOLATE
June Contest Theme: WEDDINGS

as ALWAYS feedback and suggestions are appreciated!!! this community is nothing without y'all!!!!!