January 7th, 2013

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too bad davinci couldn't have sued for them implying their machine looked like a work of art! more like a coat rack, right? how many houses have y'all been in where these things or similar equipment is the coat rack??

Forstmann Woolen Mills Roundup, 1940s and 1950s

I've been working on pulling these together for a while. These were the color ad on the inside cover of LIFE during the cooler months for many years. They're just so beautiful. I think it's so interesting that these are advertising fabric rather than a garment manufacturer, even though there are garments on display. There was more home sewing and more labeling of the fabric manufacturer in finished garments in this era. There are thirty total here, posted in the order they appeared, though I am sure I missed some, as Google has trouble picking up the "Forstmann" because of the label's font.

LIFE Dec 6, 1943

Thirty ads total!Collapse )