January 21st, 2013

Ebony ad with Nichelle Nichols (1966)

It doesn't get much more positive than Uhura! This is an ad from Jet for its sister publication, Ebony. I keep dragging this one out, but it's one of my faves. It also reminds me of the coolest story in show biz
Ebony Jet 12-29-66

You can find the scanned magazine on Google books. The cover article begins on p. 70. The pictures alone are worth a look! 

White Owl Cigars (1960)

Okay, we know smoking isn't positive, but it wasn't as big a deal back then. At least the company chose a positive scene of a dad reading to his kids. Awww! Photoshop out the cigar and the image would make a good "Take Time to Be a Dad" PSA. It looks like he's holding one of those Little Golden Books. I loved those when I was a kid! <3

White Owl cigars june 1960