January 30th, 2013

February Event Calendar +++++

February's Events!!!

CONTEST: Theme---Chocolate ads....starts Monday February 4th!! I'll post rules on Sunday!!


I reached into the baggies where I have different weekend event ideas (one for colors, one of decades, one for letters, etc....I picked 4 baggies and then drew one slip from each one)....

Friday Feb. 1 to Sunday Feb. 3: Ads with the letter I as in India....yes, the letter I....product starting with I, company starting with I, countries, cities, states starting with I....I featured in the ad.....letter I in the ad in some way...

Friday Feb. 8 to Sunday Feb. 10: The color GOLD! Yep, somehow someway gold featured in the ads....

Friday Feb. 15 to Sunday Feb. 17: 1900 to 1910....that's the decade i pulled out....i know there's ads for that decade....might require some hunting, but there should be nice looking ads for that time period and possibly some bizarre products!!!

THURSDAY Feb. 21 to SATURDAY Feb. 23: PSAs....yeah yeah yeah we sometimes have discussions and debate if public service announcements are really ads or not....regardless of how you feel (if you think they're an ad or not), we're having a weekend of 'em!! :)


February 14th: LOVE FEST!!! Ads depicting 'love'. Of course Valentine ads are welcome any time (be sure if you have chocolate ads, if you wish, enter them into the contest starting Feb. 4th!!)


SUNDAY February 24th: THE OSCARS!!! Movie Trailer Day!!! Oscar nominated and Oscar winning movie trailers!!

CHANGE!!!! Icons can be posted any day....i know some people have icons and forget or are unavailable on the 15th of the month....icons may be posted any day now, they may still be posted withOUT an ad in the post (only time you may post without an ad) but all icons must be made from vintage ads---or hall & oates! :)

Personal: i think i'm declaring feb. 1 my 'new year's day' since i was so sick and have finally gotten to feeling about 90% better (knocking on wood!!!)....i am woefully behind in everything, as i was all last year, and need to catch up on some things.....so...our ad of the year will be in the beginning of march!!

ETA: editeded to make it clearer that it was I for India, Igloo, Individual, etc.... it looked like an I in the draft but i can understand it might have looked like a small case L!