August 20th, 2013

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Gay Equality Day Saturday August 24th! Focusing on the G20!!

Gay Equality Day this month will be Saturday August 24th!!! I will be home all day on 'troll patrol'. Last month's went really well. Due to many requests from a friend of mine who is a gay rights' activist in their country that is very repressive, I AM going to allow non-community members to comment. Now, if you make your post 'members only' then non-members cannot see your post and no worries!! Of course if things get out of hand, then I will change the commenting back to community members ONLY. I WILL be on troll patrol, but if you see something please contact me right away and I know it's difficult, but please try not to respond. You can email me, FB message me here--though I know FB is a little wonky and if we're not FB friends will probably stick your message in the 'other' inbox and I'll never find it, of course you can send me a LJ message and hope LJ notifications are working and if you are a regular, you can have my phone number. THERE IS ZERO TOLERANCE FOR INTOLERANCE HERE!!!! And please, in ads you post, no xenophobia against any country!

[ETA: re: commenting by non-members, I went into the settings and non-members now CAN comment in vintage ads but they have to be a registered LJ user and their comment will be screened before posting. According to what I read, the screening notification comes to me no matter who posts the entry. We shall see how that works! I think that adds a layer of protection so we don't get a bunch of H8 that would be difficult to block, regulate, etc.]

This month I want to focus on the G20 because it is being held in St. Petersburg, Russia September 5-6. I have researched LGBT rights in each of the G20 members and provided contact information for them. I am going to send the ones who provide equality to the LGBT community messages to please press the issue with Russia while they are there. For the ones who do NOT provide equality, I am going to press that they please DO provide equality as it has not been detrimental to the countries who provide it. If you contact any of these countries---and I am also listing the contact info for International Organizations involved with the G20 too---PLEASE be courteous and polite!! I actually learned quite a lot with my research here that I did not know about some of these countries. Next month, I will back to focusing on the Sochi Olympics.

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