January 2nd, 2014

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weekend event starting tomorrow!

in case your eyes glazed over at seeing at the big honkin' event calendar, i'll post this separate....weekend event starting TOMORROW!

Ads featuring the color GREEN

green is nice to think about....i am realizing i am gonna have to go shovel tomorrow before i go get cat litter and prescriptions (what a thrilling life i lead! :) ....i think there's too much snow for me to try to drive thru in my driveway, about 5" so far and the wind is blowing....suppose to be -15 tonight, so no chance of it melting!! well i didn't shovel last year so i guess it's fair i have to shovel this year....i definitely have the bubonic plague too....hah.....

if you're getting hit with snow and cold, please bundle up, drive accordingly, and please don't cough on people if you're ill...