January 5th, 2014

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Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first contest of the year starts TOMORROW! Monday the 6th! Theme is CARS!!!

Yes, the rules post!

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject or I won't count votes for the post.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All vintage ads' rules apply to the contest EXCEPT only one ad per entry please.

4. VOTING is via a 'yes' in the comments. I only count yeses. If someone is a smart ass and puts 'yeah for the contest' yes I'll count that :) So yes, variations of YES, but it has to be a CLEAR yes. Vague statements are not acceptable as votes.

5. Regular ads are of course welcome.

6. Hem & Haw rule. What's the origin of the saying hem & haw anyway? Let me look it up. Well I found this. Hmmmm.....that was rather anti-climatic actually.

7. HAVE FUN!!!!

Allow your mod to be school marmish for a moment please: It's suppose to get bitter bitter cold here (I'm in Akron, Ohio) tonight thru Wednesday with wind chills up to (I guess that should be down to) -40 and in other areas of the USA plus snow. PLEASE if you have to go out, bundle up appropriately!!! If you have to shovel, take it easy, especially if it's heavy snow! If you don't have to go out, DON'T!! Take care of your furbabies and chirruns too and make sure if they go out it's for short periods of time!! I encountered a couple kids the other day when it was 6 out and one had no gloves----well he had gloves, but they had gotten wet so he took them off. They had over a mile left to walk. Since I didn't know them and didn't want to be a total creep, I didn't offer them a ride---though I wish I could have. I gave the kid my gloves though and I really wanted to know why in the world their parental units let them wander that far in the cold!!! I didn't ask, it wouldn't have been nice. And think of your mail carrier. They're out all day in the cold and their trucks really don't warm up at all during the short time they're driving to another area. I'm insane and will go get the ones in my area hot chocolate from a bakery--who knows me and double cups them to retain heat and gives me a discount and I'll let my carrier in for a few minutes to warm up. If you can extend a kindness to them---even just a THANK YOU when it's bitter cold, they really would appreciate it! Finally, there's always a fear that power might go out with such weather, so make sure you have batteries, plenty of blankets, and if it's because of First Energy, get a hold of me somehow and I'll go over to their headquarters and yell at them for you if power isn't restored in a reasonable amount of time! :) I've done that before for someone! If you have an only gas oven, you COULD resort to 'ghetto heat' as I had to do when my furnace died a few years ago and I went 4 days without one. Just turn it to 300 and open the door for about 20 minutes---and have a carbon monoxide detector!! Ghetto heat is a last resort, but it WILL warm you up if you need it!