January 6th, 2014

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  • misstia


I was discussing tags with the head of our department of tagging---yes we here at vintage ads do have a department of tagging, we're all official like and if you'd like a superfluous title let me know and we can figure something out!! ---and there was a query I was unsure of. So I figured I'd ask y'all about that and then ask for other tag suggestions.

The current query. We currently have an 'old man' tag. Should we not have an 'old woman' tag? And/or should we have an 'elderly' 'seniors' or 'old people' tag(s)? I thought that seniors might be confusing for those who don't have english for a first language and/or cultural meanings. Old people might be considered insulting though. Geriatrics? Thoughts?

What other tags would you like? Ideas? We like to keep them somewhat broad, though obviously some are very specific.