February 1st, 2014

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February Events.....

Thought I'd post our upcoming events this month....yes i will always post a day before events start....and on the sticky post on the vintage ads LJ page is a link to our master calendar.....

we were just going to have Gay Equality Day Friday the 7th but since the Russian yobs decided to attack my domain server, again, sent me lovely messages complaining about this, and other tomfoolery, we'll make it a WEEKEND coinciding with our Olympic weekend.....


Monday February 3rd Contest Starts: CANDY

Weekend eventS 7-9 Ads featuring the Olympics PLUS Gay Equality Weekend

One Day Event Wednesday February 12th Peter Cooper's Birthday!! Who's he? Creator of gelatin (which I call jello, no matter the manufacturer) So ALL jello ads all day in all hideous or pretty glory!! This community would be nothing without Peter Cooper!

Weekend event 14-16 Products that'll get you some loving (you know those ads that claim you'll get a spouse or laid)

One Day Event Monday February 17th, it's President's Day in the USA so Presidents in ads (no politicking please!)

Weekend event 21-23 Nighttime in ads--ads that depict night time, etc

Weekend event Friday 28th - March 2 Guns in ads (please let's focus on the ads and not the issue here)