February 21st, 2014

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Canada Dry

 I had have such a crush on Scott Bakula! This is cheesy as hell, but fun! I had forgotten about this ad until I saw a reference to it in a Star Trek-related post on Twitter. Apparently, they played this ad on the set of Enterprise as a prank. Not sure the year, but certainly before Quantum Leap. Mid-80s? [ETA: According to Dominic Keating in The Captains Close-Up, this was made in the late 70s.]

I noticed another Canada Dry ad was just posted and maybe that's fitting since their men's hockey team won today. Congrats, Canada! 
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weekend event....nighttime....

can only really go to a drive in at night!! there are still a few around...haven't been to one in years though---actually haven't been to a movie theater in years! i think the last movie i saw in a theater was either south park or bowling for columbine---which ever one came out later that's the last movie i saw in a theater! Uh, no, i don't get out much! :)