March 19th, 2014


Wacky Name Wednesdays!

Welcome to Wacky Name Wednesdays, for all those poorly-named, cringe-worthy, laughable, awkward, and suggestive product names that probably should have gone back to the drawing board.  But didn't.

This week, meet FITCH.  Because you really want ITCH in the name when you're selling this.

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Your assignment: guess what the product might be before clicking the link to find out. :D

Added bonus: CURLYPETCollapse )

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Contest Winner, One Day Event Tomorrow, Weekend Events, +!

Congrats to noluck_boston for winning our House contest!


TOMORROW is a One Day Event!! SPRING!! Someone suggested we do trees--such as Spring Trees in ads on the first day of Spring, Summer trees on the first day of summer, etc so yes, Spring Trees, BUT to not limit ourselves so much, let's expand it to ads basically for SPRING!!!

Friday thru Sunday is our Weekend Event(s), two this weekend! Unbelievable dialogue in ads AND Double Entendres in ads!! This should be fun!! :)

And, per votes, next month's contest will be CLEANING PRODUCTS and in May BOOZE---that contest is starting on Cinco de Mayo, so that's very appropriate!