March 29th, 2014

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Been and GOING!!!

Does this count for the weekend event? uh, wait, i'm the mod, sure! :) Tonight is the Moondog!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! :D Eddie and I are eating at the Hard Rock before, then it's gonna be the Family Stone (no Sly)---they've never played there before, and then others who have: Peter Noone of Herman Hermits--and he has very rabid fans; Steppenwolf; and Tommy James and the Shondelles.....YEAH!!!!!!!!!

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i wanna go to egypt!!!

peoples who know me are surprised when they find out i would go to egypt before england, but yeah, if i could only travel to ONE foreign location ever, it would be egypt....i hope someday the truths of how and why and when they were built come to light because the default bunk of 'tombs' 'religious ceremonies' is bunk and trite....i am absolutely fascinated by ancient egypt....

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and yes....aliens....


ah....i best start to gather up my batteries and cameras and probably get out of my bathrobe....eddie'll be here in about an hour....