April 3rd, 2014

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Weekend Event starting tomorrow plus April's event calendar.....

Starting tomorrow....Weekend event: 4-6 Breakfast cereals in ads...that should be pretty self-explanatory?

The rest of April's events and yes I'll post contest rules Sunday and yes you ARE going to get the voting video this time!

Monday April 7th Contest Starts: Cleaning products

One Day Event Thursday April 10: HALL & OATES DAY!!! It's the day they're officially inducted into the Rock Hall! And if everyone just wants to post that same ad again and again, that's a-okay. You can also just post Hall & Oates videos--no ad needed at all. NO RULES APPLY when posting about Hall & Oates!!

Weekend event 11-13 Books in ads

One Day Event Tuesday April 15: TAX DAY Ads for taxes, calculators, accountants, and yes, booze, coffee, etc...anything tax day/doing your taxes related!

One Day Event Wednesday April 16: Ads from your birth year (I didn't know when to do this, so I just picked my birthday, yeah I'm lame, whatever, let's just have fun)

Weekend event 18-20 Farm Animals

One Day Event Tuesday April 22: Earth Day uh earth based ads! :)

Gay Equality Day Thursday April 24!

Weekend event 25-27 Camping in ads