May 4th, 2014

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Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!

Contest starts tomorrow, May 5th and as is appropriate for Cinco De Mayo, the them is BOOZE, of course our contest goes longer than that! :) AND no age restrictions, so if you aren't of age to drink, well you can still partake! Ads with booze, for booze, booze in the background, etc....


1. you must at least put CONTEST in the subject line or i won't tally the votes---hopefully there ARE votes to tally

2. print or video ads are fine

3. you must follow all of vintage ads rules EXCEPT you can only have one ad per entry post

4. VOTING--the bane of my existence as vintage ads is via a YES in the comments....if you like an ad, please put a YES....

5. non-booze ads are fine, of course they are!

6. hem and haw rule: allergies are really making my asthma bad which makes sense cuz i have allergy induced asthma, sucks for trying to do yard work though....going to the dr. tuesday, hopefully i can get in tuesday, to get some pred....allergies fucking suck...i know others have allergies too...we should have an allergy pity party.....

7. most important rule of all time in vintage ads HAVE FUN!!