May 25th, 2014


1900 Maltos-Cannabis ad

This stuff was a popular breakfast drink, apparently. Many of the conditions listed here are exactly for what medical marijuana is used to treat now. Really bad translation of the 1900 Swedish fact sheet follows:

Maltos - Cannabis

What is it? It is the rooting of the Cross Technical Factory in Stockholm prepared Sundhedsextrakt . It is also an excellent breakfast drink . Forvexl not a Mœngde called Patent medicate the poor Gehalt that are not patented . Maltos Cannabis was patentedet in America the 44te Juli 1894. Maltos has won 3 Gold Medals , and now last Maltos - Cannabis . tilkjendt Medal at the World Exhibition in Antwerp. It would hear Swedish Lœge Dr Henrik Berg in Stockholm comments: " Not just for pneumonia but also in numerous other cases where it was desirable that patients skuldte pick Hald , I have ordained Maltos - Cannabis, t.ex for Persons with Brystkatarrh , Skrofler , bad Stomach ; into blood poor, nervous weakness and Reconvalescenter , and it has not yet long time that I have had Forat observe Næririgsmidlets Effect , I have already not seldom noticed good results thereof such as förögede forces and fatter in flesh preparation Taste is clean, strong and , in my opinion , comfortable . " Overlœgen at Antwerp's Civil Hospital , Dr. P. Pinnoy , says he has used Maltos - Cannabis for cases of nervous Mavekatarrh ( dyspepsia ) and erholdt very good results .
- In idle hours - Jón Ólafsson ( Utgåvan 1894-1895 )