June 11th, 2014


Wacky Name Wednesdays! - QUIZAGON!

The rest of the time, using your brain is just a huge pain in the ass!

Sit real close kids. It's Trivial Pursuit on your screen.  Mom's too excited, sis has some polka-dots on those PJs, and little bro is (redacted beacuse he's too young), and poor dad's just a floating head.  QUIZAGON, what have you done??

How much of this excruciating video can you sit through?

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Contest Finalists + Pick July's Theme

please vote on this entry for our swimsuit contest finalists and please vote for only one!

Finalist #1

Finalist #2

Finalist #3

Finalist #4

Finalist #5

okay...we really didn't have a runner up vote getter to be july's theme when we picked june's theme....so let's pick from these....you CAN pick more than one and the top vote getter will be july's theme....

musical instruments
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