June 15th, 2014


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So. The topic of condiments came up as a possible July event, and I thought I'd try to find some interesting rarities and some hot sauces. Like Sriracha. Turns out, Huy Fong foods has been making Sriracha sauce since 1983. BUT THEY HAVE NEVER EVER ADVERTISED. Of course that's because they have one supplier of chiles, have never met demand in all their years in business, and so just don't need to advertise. Alas, I can't post any Sriracha ads.

However, you can read the entire fascinating story of Sriracha sauce HERE:


Seriously, it's a well-researched entertaining article about hot sauce with the most buzz right now and very worth reading.

And to make this post legit, here's a chili sauce of a very different sort: