June 25th, 2014

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Upcoming events.....

Our calendar for the next couple months....you know i can and will change/add things!!!!

I have this tagged, 'upcoming events' and 'master calendar' I'll link to it on the 'sticky' post on the actual LJ vintage ads page, so you can reference it whenever you wish and find it easily!

ALWAYS feel free to suggest a one day event, or suggest to change a weekend weekend in case i've overlooked something!!! this calendar is not etched in stone and can be changed, edited, altered, etc!!

Weekend Events, unless noted are always Friday to Sunday


Friday 27th - Sunday 29th: Beaches in ads AND Beach Reading!


Friday July 4th - Sunday July 6th: Patriotic Ads---and they do not just have to be USA based!

Tuesday July 8th Contest Starts, theme is: CONDIMENTS

Friday July 11th - Sunday July 13th: Summer Fashions (doesn't necessarily mean swimsuits)

Friday July 18th - Sunday July 20th: Frosty Beverages (Lemonade, kool-aid, beer, interpret as you wish!)

Friday July 25th - Sunday July 27th: Ads mentioning/featuring/etc WWI as July 28th is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI


Friday August 1st - Sunday 3rd: Pest Control, you know there's ads for pest control and we've never had a weekend for such ads

Monday August 4th Contest starts theme is VACATIONS

Friday August 8th - Sunday August 10th: Summer toys, lawn darts anyone?

Friday August 15th - Sunday August 17th: Pools AND it is also the 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal on the 15th, so any Panama ads!

Friday August 22nd - Sunday August 24th: Wacky named products!

Tuesday August August 26th ONE DAY EVENT: The anniversary of Woman Suffrage in 1920, so ads for women voting

Friday August 29th - Sunday 31st: Ads featuring workers (It's Labor Day weekend in the USA)


Monday September 1st ONE DAY EVENT: Movie trailer day, summer themed movies

Wednesday September 3rd Contest starts theme is MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS

Friday September 5th - September 7th: Unusual pets (NOT cats or dogs)

Friday September 12th - September 14th: Artwork in ads, let's celebrate beautiful artwork in ads!

Friday September 19th - September 21st: Ads featuring canned food

Tuesday September 23rd ONE DAY EVENT: Ads featuring AUTUMN, or have a autumn theme

Friday September 26th - September 28th: Trucks