July 31st, 2014

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Weekend Event starting tomorrow!!

oops, should have posted this earlier, but uh, dealing with stuff....i picked this theme because one, we've never done this before though we've had pest control ads posted by members and two, EDWARD LIVES BY ME NOW.....yes, he's like my brother but gray hair watch started for me! he was forced out of the place he moved too after his house fire cuz the guy was a douchelord and just wanted students to live there...so a friend of mine had moved a couple years ago and she didn't know what she was gonna do with her house but when she heard eddie needed a place she offered to rent it to him....one good thing, he's taking me to the GODIVA store at beachwood mall at the end of the month!! YAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday August 1st - Sunday 3rd: Pest Control, you know there's ads for pest control and we've never had a weekend for such ads

Monday August 4th Contest starts theme is VACATIONS, i'll post rules post sunday.....