August 6th, 2014

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Contest Entry: Vacation - Bermuda


1920s (via elevenvintage on etsy)


England in miniature, within two days of New York! Like a trip abroad, to see British customs, government, battleships and regiments.  English and Canadian visitors.  International golf, tennis, and yacht races.

Bermuda is the international all-year playground. Its equitable climate is sub-tropical, averages ranging 60ª-70ª in winter. No motors or railways--clean, quiet, and restful is this "Land of the Lily and the Rose."

Passports not required.  For details of steamships, hotels, boarding places, and furnished cottages, request booklet from The Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., 26 Broadway, the Furness Bermuda Line, 34 Whitehall Street, or

The Bermuda Trade Development Board, 250 Park Avenue, New York
(A Department of the Bermuda Government which has authorized the publication of this advertisement.)
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Contest Entry: Vacation - Canadian Pacific

Canadian Pacific, 1950s
via & x-ray_delta_one


West to the Canadian Rockies and Alaska or East to Old Québec and the Atlantic seaboard - you can't beat a Canadian Pacific vacation!  Golf, tennis, swimming, fishing, hunting or just loafing - whatever you like to do best.  Canadian Pacific can show you where to find it . . . and take you there iin comfortable, well equipped trains.

Power . . .  through the mountain peaks!
Cruise sheltered waters "down North" to Alaska . . . land of romance.
Banff Springs Hotel . . . luxurious centre of a mile-high mountain playground.
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea where fashion and sport meet on Canada's glorious East Coast.

Railways * Steamships * Air Lines * Hotels * Communications * Express
Canadian Pacific Spans the World
For full informaiton consult any Canadian Pacific office or your own agent.

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