August 21st, 2014

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Weekend event, contest winner, +

Weekend event starting tomorrow, Friday August 22nd thru Sunday August 24th: Wacky named products! yep, ads for wacky named products!!!

Congrats to noluck_boston for winning our vacation ads contest!


And....a reminder...all members of this community are to be treated respectfully.....if you disagree with a member's comment, by all means, reply and initiate a discussion; but name calling, denouncing people as ignorant, etc is not acceptable....we don't need degrees, nor an encyclopedic knowledge of things to express our opinions, because they are, our opinions which we are free to express....we should all be able to do that in a respectful is fine to agree to disagree but it can be done cordially, respectfully and if a discussion commences, one can even learn how someone of another opinion thinks and that is a good thing....we have enough division in the world as it is.....

if there is any problems/issues/concerns please never hesitate to contact me!!! message me via LJ or email me