August 28th, 2014

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Weekend of events starting tomorrow!!

Starting tomorrow, Friday August 29th thru Sunday the 31st: TWO weekend events!! Ads featuring workers (It's Labor Day weekend in the USA) AND State Fair Ads!

And on Monday, September 1st, ONE DAY EVENT: Movie trailer day, summer themed movies. Since this is an official one day event, please put movie trailers behind a cut. I'll post a reminder about this one day event on Sunday.

Our contest for September starts Wednesday September 3rd, theme is Musical Instruments. I'll post a reminder and the rules on Tuesday.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!! Tomorrow I get to go to the Godiva store in Beachwood Mall, in lieu of Eddie sending me an expensive mixed assortment from their website for helping get his new place ready, to PICK WHAT I WANT!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! ALL the pieces I want, instead of like 3 I truly relish and 15+ of 'meh'. Saturday we're going to the Cleveland Zoo--one of my happy places.
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Two Words

Toppie Smellie!

This popped up all over G+ today, and I had forgotten this ad until now. Back then in my late teens, any time I had fried chicken, I used to give the same "description" as Ms. Smellie. Of course, I would giggle like a 9-year old every time I saw that name. And thanks to the intarwebs, I can continue to do so well into my fifties.