September 30th, 2014

little pink sock

RADIOACTIVE WILDCATS! (& other French ads, c. 1930)


Bear with my translation:
Rather than unhealthy drugs decaying the stomach,
and draining
the body. Here is the old natural remedy, supremely effective.
No more pain, thanks to the magnetic and radioactive heat from the fur of the Wild Cat.

Delicate breasts, sore kidneys, liver congestion, serious or mild colds,
asthma, etc., are forever eliminated by radiogenic breastplates and belts,
which are applied to any part of the body. Request free delivery of a catalog A.V.


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Contest starts TOMORROW!!!

And also, since we're kicking off October, Halloween Ads are welcome ANYTIME!! :)

Our contest starting tomorrow, Wednesday October 1, the theme is APPLES. Ads FOR apples, ads that include apples, ads that mention apples, etc and of course it just doesn't have to be the fruit 'apple'!

Contest Rules

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject of your entry for me to tally votes for it.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular Vintage Ads rules apply, EXCEPT, only one ad per entry post.

4. VOTING---voting is a 'YES' in the comments. If you would like an ad to have a chance to go to the finals, you must put a 'yes' in the comments. You may vote for your own ads and of course you can vote for more entry (it's only when we have finalists that you can only vote for one).

5. Regular ads are always welcome.

6. Hem & Haw rule. It's gonna be OCTOBER tomorrow?! Unbelievable!

7. MOST important rule in Vintage Ads: HAVE FUN!