October 3rd, 2014


1920 Astoria Salmon label

"ASTORIA COLUMBIA RIVER SALMON Label. Illustrates in stone lithography the Fort at Astoria, Oregon in 1813. A Two Master sailing ship has tied up at the shore while soldiers man the fort. The American flag flies from the flagpole in this beautiful old original Northwestern Salmon Case label. Indian tee pees are at the edge of the clearing. Columbia River Salmon Exchange. An early lithograph by Simpson and Doeller, Portland and Baltimore. This 12" X 10" Historic paper crate label was designed to adorn a wooden case of "4 Dozen Flats" of salmon cans most likely circa 1920. This is a dandy old label in Near Mint Condition designed to be used as a box end poster label in the early part of the twentieth Century. The lettering just beneath the Fort "ASTORIA, IN. 1813" I imagine refers to Indian Territory."

Hat tip to AntiqueLabelCompany dot com


1891 Cape Shore Brand Mackerel

From the Maine State Archives:

This colorful trademark label for canned mackerel contains an image of three fishermen in a small open boat catching fish. It has a large mackerel in the foreground and a sailboat in the background. The label notes the award of gold medals at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876 and in Paris in 1878. This trademark label was submitted to the Maine Secretary of State in 1891 in order to obtain legal protection for the design.

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