November 6th, 2014

queen chrysalis

Oldmobiles and rockets... 1988...

"Not Your Father's Oldsmobile" with Melanie (and William) Shatner...

I think it's cute. The commercial should have said "warp drive not included". :P

I wondered if this campaign actually worked. I am guessing not since Oldsmobile went the way of Pontiac, before Pontiac. I think it might have sent the message that the brand was for old people. It even had Old in the name. And who wanted an Olds Cutlass Supreme in 1988? You probably wanted something Japanese (Honda CRX!) or something European or those ugly Mustangs they made then.

Apparently it didn't work, according to the man who made the commercial. He calls it "the campaign that served as Olds’ final and famous (infamous?) death gasp."

Also he says Melanie's nipples had to be duct-taped. Did we really need to know that?


Also I really like her hair.