November 7th, 2014


Contest Entry: One of Kellogg's Patent Medicines

This product was extraordinarily dangerous.

"When taken in the doses recommended by Professor Kellogg it could also cause hypertension, cardiac arrest, and stroke. Analysis of a sample of "Sanitone Wafers" by the federal chemists showed them to contain, salts of iron and chromium, a laxative plant extractive, red pepper and a trace of strychnine. In 1921 Kellogg was ordered by the District Court in Tennessee to cease marketing and destroy his inventory."


Contest Entry: (quack!) Take Off the Fat Where It Shows

"Harmless little tablets." Famous last words! More extraordinarily dangerous snake oil.

"Advertised as "harmless little tablets" that could cure obesity without "unwelcome dieting" or violent exercise, Marmola was one of the most popular diet drugs in the early 20th century. Marmola contained desiccated animal thyroid, which often led to hypothyroid conditions including nervousness, insomnia, irregular heartbeat and muscle weakness. When postal authorities threatened the Marmola Company with fraud in 1926, the owner, Edward Hayes, submitted an affidavit promising to end company operations. However, he reopened the business under the name Raladam Company. For the next twenty years, the Raladam Company was involved in litigation for false and misleading advertising."

I had to add the side boob tag. They are practically floating up and out.

Hat tip to the NYC BAR DOT ORG web site exhibition section on patent medicines and miracle cures :D

edit: I forgot to put contest entry in subject line.
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weekend event...vintage ads after dark...

uh huh...a blow up doll will serve you drinks....oh and sure, return it if not satisfied after that free trial!


at least this one shows the doll more realistically? i mean it looks like a blow up doll...though i wonder what in the hell kind of parties they're having if a doll is the life of them---no, i'm not a prude, but a doll is the life of the party?