November 20th, 2014

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Weekend event starting tomorrow!! 70s clothing!!

Weekend event starting tomorrow Friday, November 21 thru Sunday November 23: 1970s Clothing Ads for 70s clothing, ads for products (other than clothing) with the people wearing fine examples of 70s clothing, basically---ads for/with 70s clothing! :)

I'm doing a scheduled post, which I hope works. Thursday (the day I want this to post) I have to get really freaking early to take Mabuse to the vet for a dental. The little shit had half her teeth pulled out a few years ago!! So now she wants to cost me more money--and lose the rest of her teeth, well basically all except her canines. Including the ad for Dr. Mabuse the Gambler because that is who she is named after. I had just discovered this movie and the Testament of Dr. Mabuse and was enthralled with them. Mabuse is also the only cat I've ever delivered. Neighbors had her mom---who I now have, because they moved to another state and I am insane---who they never got fixed (I did when I got her)---and she was birthing kittens, but the last one got stuck and the kids came to get me, because apparently I could fix anything? I dunno. I called my vet and they walked me thru how to pull her out properly, then I had to break open her sack, and she wasn't breathing, so I had to rub her and blow into her mouth until she was breathing. I said I would take that kitten. Little shit.

After I drop her off, I gotta run a few errands---I hope---then a few hours later take Poliahu with me to pick her up as Poli is getting her vaccines. Damn dog. Damn furbabies. They're all little shits. So anyway, I'll be busy and figured I best try a scheduled post to get the weekend event announced! :)

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ETA: hey, this worked!!! the little shit Mabuse is fine after her dental, she only has 2 teeth left now and she ended up costing me a $100 more than i figured because, well, she's my cat and if someone is gonna cost more, it's gonna be mine!! fucking little shit....$400 mouth....i'm gonna remind her on the way home i didn't HAVE to deliver her and she's lucky i was home that day she was born!