November 27th, 2014

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  • misstia

Weekend Events...Department Stores AND Credit Card Ads!

TWO different ad themes for this weekend! Starting tomorrow, Friday November 28 thru Sunday November 30, ads for department stores AND for credit cards because it's the weekend of black Friday in the USA! Yes, you can claim an ad for an item that prominently displays 'visa or mastercard accepted' as a credit card ad. Or an ad for an item that denotes it's available at a department store. But I believe we should be able to find plenty of department store and credit card ads! Print or video ads. As always other non-theme ads are fine!

My usual black Friday words of caution....if you participate in early bird shopping or stay up all night waiting for a store to open, PLEASE be careful driving!! If at all possible, have someone well rested be a designated driver. Driving sleep deprived is dangerous. The only thing that will get me on the roads the day after Thanksgiving is if I have a furbaby emergency. There will be many sleep deprived people on the road going from store to store or going home, so PLEASE be alert if you are driving anywhere Friday! We want everyone to be safe.

I can't give any words of caution for you in the stores, aside to avoid! :) But if you do go, please be careful in the stores, and if people get panicked over a sale item running out and start to riot, remember this: find it online later! Please be patient with cashiers, they can only work so fast and many of them will have had to get into work 2 hours before the stores opened Friday and they might have worked long shifts on Thanksgiving too.

And the main rule of vintage ads applies: HAVE FUN!