November 28th, 2014


Zellers Toronto - 1931

Zellers advertisement in the Toronto Star for its 1931 grand opening in Toronto. The announced location later became part of the Toronto Eaton Centre.

The company was founded in 1931 by Walter P. Zeller as "stores for thrifty Canadians". The chain began with the purchase of the fourteen Canadian locations of American retailer Schulte-United, all of which were in Southern Ontario. Almost immediately, Zellers initiated an aggressive expansion strategy. Within 25 years, Zellers operated 60 stores and employed 3,000 people.In 1952, in a move to expand into Atlantic Canada, it acquired the Federal Stores chain of variety stores, adding more than 12 new Zellers locations.


1955 Woolworth's Grand Opening - Erie, PA

-ad in Erie Daily Times, Oct. 12, 1955

Woolworth's Liberty Plaza 1955 Grand Opening Erie, PA
F. W. Woolworth Co. held a grand opening for its new Woolworth's store in the Liberty Plaza October 13 to 15, 1955. The plaza boasted parking for 900 cars, and Woolworth's touted its new Self Service counters.

The lunch counter at this new Erie, PA location on Liberty Street had 21 seats, and you could get a banana split for a quarter, a hamburger for 50¢, a hotdog for 15¢, hot chocolate for a dime, or a cup of coffee for 7¢.

You could also buy a parakeet for $2.27, a gold fish in a bowl for 37¢ or a blouse for 97¢. The store also had a curtain department and a wrought iron department.

Woolworth's still had two locations in Erie, Pennsylvania in 1994, one in the Liberty Plaza (3622 Liberty Street) and one at 818 State Street in downtown Erie. Both of these stores closed in early 1994.

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Pennsylvania Interlocking Rubber Tiling

Country Life in America, October 1907, outside back cover

Hope it's OK, I included the front cover of this one, cause it's kinda pretty.

Country Life in America, October 1907, outside front cover

This was definitely NOT a magazine for farmers, despite the copy on the front cover. Just inside is a full-page ad for Tiffany's.