December 19th, 2014

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Weekend event....local ads.....

akron is my hometown....well i'm originally from clinton iowa hell, but akron is my hometown! :) kent holds a fond place in my heart too....but if you weren't aware i am OBSESSED with the goodyear MUST be the goodyear blimp!!! i truly don't know or quite understand why---but us goodyear blimp groupies are legion....there is something truly magical about it for some of us and when you hear it approaching or see it in the distance it just evokes happiness and excitement like a little kid seeing santa arriving on his sleigh....don't ever be around me when i hear or see the blimp in the distance cuz i automatically yell out "BLIMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and if i'm driving, off i go in that direction....

this is at least a goodyear aircraft 'blimp' ad from 1945....


AND since i'm on a blimp roll here....back in july one of my pix on their FB page was selected for fan photo friday---the whole neighborhood heard me when i saw that! :) i snared this one by pulling over on the side of the highway as the blimp circled the goodyear plant....yes, pulling over on the side of the highway...and you know what? i wasn't the ONLY one!!!

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Weekend event....local ads.....


AND...they're still in business!!! The Hatterie Though at a different location from their original....I have wondered how they've managed to stay in business...they're now next to the chinese buffay we sometimes go too and we have never seen anyone go in there...i always assume they have a good church lady hat business though as they have a lot of church lady type hats in the window....and yes, they still have those men style hats too.....definitely glad they're still around for over 100 years though!!! that's awesome!

more vintage hatterie ads on their archive page....
1970s Lego girl

Colonial Theatre, circa 1950

Since the weekend theme is local ads, I thought I'd do one for my old hometown of Essexville, MI. I couldn't really find a lot specific to Essexville, but they used to have a movie place called the Colonial:

You just can't go wrong with free dinnerware, lady patrons!

Here is what the Colonial Theatre looked like in its day. (Free glassware!)

The building still stands.  It's been home to a few businesses over the years.


Conveniently sliced bread - Freihofer's of Troy, NY

My mom used to work in the business office of Freihofer's back in the 1940s. They moved to NJ in the '80s at some point. They were later bought up by the enormous Bimbo baking Conglomerate. Their chocolate chop cookies are awesome. Bimbo also bought up Entenmann's. Those chocolate chip cookies are suspiciously similar to Freihofer's.

birds, peaceful


I was really excited about the hometown ads event, but then ran into trouble finding anything interesting for Edmonton. That's the trouble with local history's very ephemeral. But I found a good one! Gainers is a defunct meat packing company. It wasn't until recently that I realized how many meat packing plants Edmonton had, and the ones I knew of, Burns, Capital Packers, Maple Leaf and Gainers are gone. Or, at least the locations I knew are. Burns became a road extension, Gainers a storage facility, and Maple Leaf is a big open field with just an old smokestack remaining. We drove down 66th Street and past Gainers on an almost daily basis for years. A six month labour strike started in the summer of 1986 and it was pretty exciting to see the picketers. Anyway...