December 23rd, 2014

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December 24th & 25th at Vintage Ads!!

We have some events for next 2 days (and days following). But for December 24th and the 25th Vintage Ads is, as always, open for ads and we'll be having a post for open chat if you need someone to talk to, vent to, etc. It's going to be raining tomorrow night, so I will definitely home--I won't go look at Christmas lights in the rain, this is Ohio, not California, I'm a brat and must have snow or at LEAST cold. And basically I'll be right here in front of the computer, where most of my friends live anyway! :)

TOMORROW, December 24th: My Favorite Christmas Gifts---ads for the favorite gifts you ever got. Also, What I Wanted for Christmas and Never got---that's self explanatory. AND movie trailers!! Christmas themed movies! (Please put movie trailers behind a cut & if you use the LJ short cut code button remove the [/lj-cut] replace [ with < that they automatically place with the [lj-cut] or it won't cut; if you can't figure it out, no worries!!!) Plus OPEN POST.

THURSDAY, December 25th: The same events as the 24th! :) Movie trailers were just gonna be one day, but the heck with it, BOTH days!

The upcoming weekend event Friday the 26th thru Sunday the 28th is Game Consoles

December 31, Wednesday ONE DAY EVENT, Booze ads, party ads, let's have fun! And again, I'll have an open post if people are home alone, bored, again stuck around people they need to vent about ;) , we are ALWAYS here for you!!

Of course January 1st we are welcoming 1995 into vintage ads.

If you have plans but want to post an ad here's how to do a scheduled post, step by step with visuals here!

I will be doing some promos for the community on the LJ front page tomorrow and Thursday, so we'll see how that goes!! :)

If you are going to be away for the next few days, have a safe and happy holiday!!