December 25th, 2014

  • misstia

Merry Xmas!

for some reason i slept incredibly late....we're going to a buffay at 11:30....i got up at 10:30....oops....very short bath today---my bath water shuffles, very very slowly.....don't want to go later cuz CROWDS!!! though i'm sure there'll be crowds there at 11:30, but not as many....

though i can't drink dairy egg nog anymore, this is a cute ad....and soy nog ads aren't 'vintage' yet.... ;) i'll be back soon!

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  • misstia

Weekend events starting tomorrow!

Our weekend event starting tomorrow Friday 26th thru Sunday the 29th is GAME CONSOLES!!! Also...if you wish to continue posting your favorite, least favorite, or what you never got Christmas gifts, go ahead and do that too!! :)

Game Console ads can be print or video! And as always, non-theme ads are welcome!!!

And no matter what you celebrate, may you have had a very nice day today. If you don't celebrate anything, may your day have been free of any of life's hiccups or bumps in the road! Actually, I wish everyone could feel as happy and joyful as I do when I see the BLIMP!!!!!!!! THAT is a feeling I wish could be spread world wide! :) Blimp magic!!!