December 28th, 2014

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Community update and confirmation that I'm clueless.....

I believe I told y'all I sent off our ads for our custom layout. I added a fast food, a pop, a vegetable and I think another ad, to ensure things were covered. It's the holidays, so I don't expect to hear anything back for awhile.

When I went to promote us on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, I only had 2 options, 'Ukraine' and 'Default'--which was Russian and I couldn't get the promo spot above the English community list. So I just listed us where I could. I opened a support ticket asking what in the world and someone said it was because I was opted in to Cyrillic services and if I opted out I'd get the English (non-Cyrillic) promo. I went to change the setting for us so it would be done and I could promote us appropriately for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day and I saw on our profile page we were no longer around #50 in community placement (which is where we usually are). We were at #155 and we weren't on the English list, we were on the Ukraine or Russian list.

I'm thinking promoting us on those pages got us switched to those lists. But we have always been opted in to Cyrillic services, so?? I removed us from Cyrillic services but that didn't place us back in English (non-Cyrillic) community list. So I am totally clueless and have temporarily got our ratings very screwed up and I profusely apologize. I have sent a message to the LJ person I've been working with asking what I needed to do to 'right' this---because I can't figure out what happened exactly. But again, it's the holidays so it might be a week or so.

I felt it best to post about this and let you all know as I know some of you do check our ratings. I'd also rather be upfront and admit I'm clueless as I've always tried to keep everyone in the loop of things, as we are a 'community'.

I'll promote on the non-Cyrillic list New Year's Eve and New Year's day and hopefully, soon, some one can give me a clue as to what in the world I did, cuz the only thing I can figure is that promoting on those two types somehow switched us but now I can't get us back to English ratings. Sigh.

As punishment I will look at pictures of jello monstrosities for 20 minutes on google images.
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Taurus, For Us!

The previous post reminded me of this gem. My first car was a 1993 Mercury Sable Wagon LT that had seen better days by the time 2006 rolled around. Last year the Kidney Foundation came and took him - I was kind of sad to give away Remy. He was awesome and bouncy, but getting pretty unsafe to drive. We never did take that trip to IKEA that I promised him. Mercury Sable was the Canadian version of the Taurus wagon.