December 30th, 2014

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Vintage Ads New Year's Eve Party December 31st!

Vintage ads for anything party related: drinks, food, etc anything that makes a party for YOU is the posting theme! Plus an Open Post for chit chat! Let's have fun!

If you have some ads you'd like to post but won't be around, here is how to do a scheduled post.

And yes, I posted this last night, but I wanted to post it again today. I posted it last night as LJ got back to me and sorted out my cluelessness about community promos and I'm having this post (well the one from last night) as a 'featured entry' for an hour on the LJ home page later this afternoon. Thanks to them sorting me I now know that non-Cyrillic entry promotions are EXTREMELY reasonably priced token wise!! In Cyrillic services they are VERY expensive!!

Tonight before I go to bed I will post and pin our New Year's Eve party open post/event description entry as 1) technically New Year's Eve starts at midnight tonight ;) 2) there's people in all different time zones so it might be late morning for them and 3) i got us the 2am to 7am promo block for an entry tomorrow morning, also 12-1pm and then 4-6pm. I might see if any are available later in the evening tomorrow to get right before the start of the hour because then they're even cheaper.

And for New Year's Day, I'll be promoting that entry on the main LJ page too! :)

In case you have plans and won't be around, please have a good and safe New Year's Eve and PLEASE be careful if you are out driving!! Even if you are sober, unfortunately many will not be! Be alert and careful!!
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Vintage Ads' New Year's Eve Party December 31st! All day til midnight!

We'll be here all day til midnight posting party ads and having an open post, please join us!

Please post vintage ads for whatever makes a party for YOU or shows a party: booze, snacks, tea, a coloring book, whatever!

This is also our open post for New Year's Eve. You can discuss anything in this post. Just please respect other community members. No need to censor your language either, I'd never last if we did that. I've stickied this to the top of the community for ease of finding during the day.

What are you up too? Do you do resolutions? How did 2014 treat you?

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Den mother mod reminder: if you go out tonight PLEASE drive safely and watch for other possibly impaired drivers! Also, there are many many free ride offers for people via AAA, city bus services, even some cab companies, etc. Please don't risk driving if you aren't sure. We want everyone to be safe!

And on January 1st we will be welcoming ads from 1995 into vintage ads, as we have a 20 year rule!