December 31st, 2014

The Lord--Oh Dear
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Moxie for the New Year!

Submitted by moxie_man. Here's what he said: "What could be better at a party in 1895 to ring in the New Year than a bottle of Moxie! If you look-up "incipient paralysis", you'll find that was the polite term in the 1890's for impotence. Before the Food and Drug Act of 1906, products made outlandish claims like this. So, Moxie was the Viagra of the 1890's, something you'd want to have at your party, "just in case". :)

This ad is from the back page of the June 20, 1895 edition of The Youth's Companion magazine, which makes it all the more humorous to me in the "is that ad appropriate in that magazine?!?" category."

Thanks moxie_man!! I'd have to say, no, it wasn't appropriate for that magazine! EEK! Can you imagine the uproar today (rightly so) if there was a Viagra ad in Highlights?

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Calvin Klein's 1995 Fiasco

This being vintage_ads, let me sully your brand new, innocent New Year with some highly questionable After Dark ads courtesy of Calvin Klein:


FULL STORY HERE (involving untrue accusations of child pornography, semi-true accusations of looking like a cheap porno movie set, and entirely true accusations of a really bad series of ads (five more via the link).
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Pimm's Party

i wonder if they still send you invitations to send out? i've never had pimms....been curious about it though....

and heads up---BEFORE midnight i have to post our 'welcome 1995 ad post' (well probably around 10pm EST) as we have a promo spot for that entry on the lj front page (ETA: from 2am to 7am)---i needed to make the entry to add it to the promo! can't do a scheduled post for a promo---as far as i can tell! PLEASE post party ads past midnight thru tomorrow!!

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It's 2015! Time to welcome 1995 ads to Vintage Ads!!

Let's start off the year with a bang (sorry, I mean a quiet shuffle) and post ads from 1995 as they are now 'vintage'!! Also, hangover remedy ads. :) Still want to party? Post more party ads!! If you wish to vent about your NYE, or tell us how great it was, there's still an open post here and you can post about whatever you want there! Sports, life, etc. (It's also stickied at the top of our LJ page)

I'd like to wish a VERY Happy New Year to our community here!!