March 2nd, 2015

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Contest starts TOMORROW!!!

March 3, Tuesday, Contest Starts, Theme: MAKEUP! So uh yeah, ads for makeup, cosmetics, whichever you call 'face paint'! :)

Our rule post...

1. You must at least put 'contest' in the subject line for me to count votes for your entry.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular vintage ads' rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per contest entry post please.

4. Voting: If you'd like an ad to have a chance to be a finalist, put a YES in the comments. It must be a YES. I only count YES as a vote. 'I like this' is not a vote; 'this is my vote' is not a vote; only YES is a vote.

5. As usual regular ads are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Hem & Haw rule: It's MARCH?! WHAT?! At least we change our clocks next weekendddddddddddddd. But unbelievable it's March alreay.

7. HAVE FUN!!!