March 4th, 2015

  • vinib

6 Shades of Elvis (Elvis Presley Lipstick)

Teen-ager Lipstick Corp. presents... Elvis Presley in...

6 Shades of Elvis

A Shade of Lipstick for Each Shade of Woman

  • 'Running Wild' Pink - For the slutty Cheerleader

  • 'Hound Dog' Orange - For the Cougar next door

  • 'Cruel' Red - For the aspiring Mistress

  • 'Tender Pink' - For the blushing Virgin

  • 'Tutti Frutti' Red - For the Married dames, and

  • 'Love Ya' Fuchsia - For the Single ladies

Comes with a Free bronze bust and an individually autographed tube... only for a dollar.