March 6th, 2015

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Mod Note....

I'd like to take a moment to ensure that all community members are familiar with our few, yet necessary rules. Here's a direct link here and at any time if you're on the Vintage Ads' page itself, there is a link on the left hand side with 'Popular Entries' and the first one is 'Community Rules'. Now I'm not particular fond of rules---who is? Oh yeah, THAT one person is, well let's flip them the bird or something. Anyway, fingers down, we do have to have some sense of order. I am always willing to let things slide (have I mentioned I don't really like rules?) if it isn't hurting anyone else, it's something fun, etc.

There IS a concern about hotlinking though. There is a rule against it. Do I ever really check if anyone is hotlinking? No, I don't. BUT it came about today that this can be a problem if someone hotlinks from a personal website (not their own obviously) and then an ad is picked up/linked to on another site. It can affect band width limits for some people. Just save the photo to your computer and upload it to LJ, flickr (they are give unlimited space for photos), tinypic, or your preferred place for images. If you have suggestions/feedback about your preferred place to upload images, please let us know in the comments. I personally just upload mine to LJ, though sometimes I might upload 'em to my server, so unfortunately I can't give any suggestions.

HEY!!! We're #34 in LJ Community Ratings! That's exciting!!! This community is awesome and everyone deserves some celebratory jello monstrosity!!

Let's go back to makeup, March, clocks, funerals and as always---regular vintage ads!!!

I'm not fond of having to put my mod hat on, but yeah, I have to on occasion. I hate wearing a hat, so I'm taking my mod hat off now. :)