March 26th, 2015

topo gigio

DYSPEPSIA!!! Take two.

Sorry nobody could see it before, I am using a new image hosting site this time instead of LJ's built-in.  I hope it works.

Previous posts commentary:

My favorite part is "FEMALES who suffer froom a morbid and unnatural condition will find this medicine of Inestimable Value"  What's the morbid and unnatural condition? PMS? Enjoyment of sex?

My second favorite part is the overuse of exclamation marks.


Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday March 27 thru Sunday March 29 Weekend Events: 1960s ads; Ads featuring Biomes: Deserts, forest, mountains, coasts; and Ads for 'clear' products/items: glassware, windows, scientologists, see thru clothing (behind cut if NSFW please), etc....

Bonus points if you can post an ad that encompasses all 3....please note we don't give out points....