March 31st, 2015

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TOMORROW!!! Ads in Disguise!! Fake Ads Day!!

PLEASE Don't start posting these today! April 1st ONLY it is Ads in Disguise/Annual Amnesty Day (the other day is October 31st). THE day to post FAKE ADS! They can be mocked up to be 'recent' too. as obviously the 20 year rule does NOT apply to fake ads!!

Aside from requesting that you just post them on the 1st, please, only tag them Ads in Disguise and Annual Amnesty---no other tags. If you are unsure how to tag, just leave the tags blanks and myself or our keeper of the tags, yes we have one, aren't we fancy? will appropriately tag them. We only have those 2 tags on fake ads to ensure that if someone went thru our ads via tags they wouldn't think fake ads were regularly acceptable.

I have a couple errands to run tomorrow but then I'll be on tag patrol and posting my own ads I've found and saved to post!! I'm gonna promote this tomorrow in the LJ calendar, so you'll see ANOTHER post announcing this by me later today....please know that's for calendar promo purposes---on that one i'll just ask that there be no tagging.....(but you may use the 2 tags aforementioned)......

so this announcement can be our 'members' announcement....hey!! now we're #25 in community ratings!!! if we reach the top 20 should we have a party? come on, parties are fun.....