June 2nd, 2015

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Contest Starting TOMORROW!!!

June 3, Wednesday, Contest Starts!! Theme is Hump Day Hunks! Yes, ads with the hump day hunks---though obviously for a whole week of entries ;) Please, if an ad is NSFW, it must go behind a cut. Blatant full frontal nudity is NSFW. Backsides, side boob (if there's ladies in the ad), a hint of pubes, etc I would NOT consider NSFW but will leave those things to the poster's discretion. If you have an ad and are unsure, just ask me! Or post it behind a cut, ask me, and perhaps it can be 'freed' from the cut! :)

Here's our rule post.

1. You MUST at least put 'contest' in the subject line or I won't tally votes for your entry.

2. Print or video ads are fine.

3. All regular Vintage Ads' rules apply EXCEPT only one ad per entry.

4. VOTING: voting is via a YES in the comments. You must put a YES in the comments of any ad that you would like to have a chance to be a finalist. Yes, you can, of course, vote for more than one ad during the entry period (only with finalists you have to vote for just one).

5. Regular ads are ALWAYS welcome!

6. Hem and haw rule. I'm doing a bunch of these event announcements as 'scheduled posts' on May 27. I always forget about doing scheduled posts but for once, obviously, I remembered and thought it a good idea to do these kinds of announcements ahead of time. I might even get some event posts ready, if I can easily find applicable ads. That might be being too organized though and could possibly through off the earth's balance. I best not do that!

7. Our MOST important rule of all time: HAVE FUN!!!!
Glenn Ford

Victor Dog in Pure Gold!

I'm assuming this is from the 1904 St. Louis Fair. I've tried to find more information about this solid gold Nipper dog, but haven't been successful yet. I'm wondering how big the model was, and then what happened to it. Is it still around somewhere?