January 11th, 2016

David Bowie...oh my stars, he's returned to them....

Yes, yes, this should be on my own LJ, and I shall put it there with lots of Bowie videos. Rules are meant to be broken--or else what's the use of having them? I know damn well there's David Bowie fans in Vintage Ads and I think, as with everyone else, we're all just shocked. I didn't think he looked well but attributed it to overwork on his new album, videos, and play. He was immortal and would never die, right? HOW CAN THIS BE?!?! I've had an ongoing existential crisis for a few years thinking about a world without David Bowie existing in it.

I remember one of the first times I saw him on TV as a wee imp. He was in a dress and I couldn't figure out if he was a man or a woman (I was 4, 1973). Of course my birth mother wouldn't answer my question, aside from telling me I was stupid. I eventually determined it didn't matter what sex he was because he/she was AWESOME. I attribute my open mindedness and acceptance of others to him. I am just sitting here beyond shocked and we have enough music to last us; but we don't have HIM. A genius visionary who perhaps truly was not of this earth. My goodness how can one cry so much over an individual one didn't personally know?

Today is BOWIE BREAK THE RULES DAY!!!!!!!!!! Post Bowie song videos in posts, with no ads. Post your own thoughts in a post---even without a video or ad. NO AD REQUIRED FOR ANYTHING BOWIE RELATED!!!

David Bowie

Hey, we all managed to live at the same time as David Bowie, at least...
When I was a kid, I used to look at the obits in the newspaper. Morbid, right? I always looked carefully at their birth and death dates. If someone died after their birthday, that somehow meant that they got more Cool Life Worth, whatever that was. So David Bowie would have satisfied my self of 30 years ago.

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Tuesday, January 12, ONE DAY EVENT: Cold & Flu ads--should be self-explanatory?

Just a Gigolo trailer

"An ironic picaresque set amidst the decadent demimonde and political ferment of Weimar Germany, the film details the misfortunes of a Prussian officer (Bowie) reduced to working as a paid escort to make ends meet."

This was Marlene Dietrich's last film, and the only movie with David Bowie I ever saw. I saw it in 1980 at the 8th Street Playhouse.


I just came across Val Kilmer's Bowie tweet. Of all the people who's impacted music, fashion, movies, art, literature, etc I don't think anyone has influenced as many different mediums directly as Bowie has. He helped other artist's careers get started, or get restarted; he helped pay for bills, quietly--he didn't want the attention--for friend's kids, or his friends who were broke; he picked session musicians to record or tour with him and featured them; he stood up for black artists and publicly took mtv to task about ignoring them (yes mtv use to play videos); I mean I could go on and on. I think like Tesla, the width and depth of Bowie's genius will only become MORE known in the future. And yes, Bowie played Tesla in a movie.


ETA New Vintage Ads rule, by my personal decree, in the future every January 8 thru January 10 among whatever else we have going on, it will also be BOWIE BREAK THE RULES DAYS. Anything, no ads, just videos, photos, doesn't matter, as it is DAVID BOWIE. (Other Vintage Ads things will continue with that ongoing). One of Bowie's most important lessons? BREAK THE RULES! It's okay!! And.....BE YOURSELF!!! ACCEPT YOURSELF!!! EVOLVE!!!