January 27th, 2016

Glenn Ford

In Honor of Thomas Crapper Day!

January 27th: On this day in 1910, 106 years ago, Thomas Crapper died. He didn't know his exact birthday, so today is known as Thomas Crapper Day. What did Thomas Crapper do? He did NOT invent the flushing toilet, but he did do much to increase the popularity of the toilet, and developed some important toilet- related inventions, such as the ballcock (float inside the toilet tank).

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In Response To Today's Trojan Ad

It struck me how condom ads have changed from "prevent pregnancy" to "prevent disease" over the years. And that reminded me of these French condom/safe sex ads. I googled to find out what year they first appeared and could not find the answer so I'm not sure if they qualify for here or not (if not, feel free to  nuke this post.)

I think they are a minimum of 15 years old though I can't say for sure. Trying to remember exact dates I saw posters in bathrooms of gay bars while drunk at 4 a.m. is challenging.

I'm not sure if they would be considered NSFW by American standards or not, so I am employing a cut. (Are dude butts NSFW? We have ads with dude butts at tram stops here but I haven't been in America for ages.)

Again if they are not old enough or offend anyone feel free to kill this post. I just thought it was interesting in context.

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