February 3rd, 2016

One Day Event TOMORROW!!

Thursday, February 4, ONE DAY EVENT: It's Thank a Mailman Day! Postal carriers in ads, ads dealing with the mail service and please thank your mail carrier!

Any kind of ad dealing with mail, letters, zip codes, etc

I know many people think mail carriers make big bucks, but most of those who did have retired. The ones working now usually are at around $12-14/hour, which yes, is a good hourly wage but it's not the mythical $25/hour. Walking routes are physically demanding. Up and down steps for mail boxes, traversing snow/ice covered walks, going into dangerous neighborhoods, etc. All while lugging a heavy bag. The box trucks don't really warm up much, so in the winter they're pretty frozen all day.

Yes, the post office management sucks but that's not the carrier's fault. And to be fair to the management, though they overspent on far too many new buildings 15+ years ago; their requirement to prefund their retirement by congress is an unnecessary burden.

People dislike getting bills in the mail, obviously. But remember, back in the long long ago, when people wrote letters? How awesome it was to get a letter in the mail and have something tangible? I often bemoan the loss of at least several generations of written history that'll be 'missing' due to influx of email taking over letters.