February 4th, 2016

Mail Carrier Day....

I remember these....there's a mail carrier in my area who has dog treats in her bag for all the dogs on her route....sort of diminishes the stereotype of dogs going after mail carriers in a bad way!! they're at the door waiting for her, wagging their tails, in a good way!! if they're not outside, she leaves a treat with the mail....except of course on days a supervisor follows her to count her steps.....twice a year walking route carriers have someone, who've never walked a route, follow them, counting their steps and then tell them how they could SAVE steps.....one carrier told me how the guy told him to cut thru people's yards and in some instances he did, but they wanted him to cut thru where flowers were planted and he refused so he got points subtracted....dafuq?!


Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday, February 5 - 7, Weekend Events: Hairstyles; Bald; and Facial Hair AND Football related ads!

Ads featuring hair---on head, facial hair, or bald heads. Ads FOR hair products (including removal), facial hair products, or ads for other products that feature such hair (or lack of).

Since it's 'Super Bowl' weekend, football related ads. Ads featuring football players, ads featuring footballs, anything football/Super Bowl related. Yes, they still must be 20 years or older.

As always, wide interpretations! :)