March 17th, 2016

Weekend EventS Starting Tomorrow!

Friday - Sunday, March 18 - 20, Weekend Events: Bedrooms; World Wonders: they don't have to be the original 7 world wonders (that would be too difficult) but can be things that YOU consider world wonders; AND Spring time ads!


Ads for anything bedroom related: bedroom furniture, mattresses, sheets, condoms, etc

Ads for places/things you consider a 'world wonder'. It should go without saying I consider the Goodyear Blimp a world wonder ;) If you consider a car a world wonder, that's fine. Totally open to YOUR interpretation. Yes, if there's a movie or ad that proclaims 'world wonder' that totally fits.

Ads that depict spring, mention spring, etc as Sunday March 20th is the first day of spring. Open to your interpretation, so yes ads with 'springs' would fit! :)